Helping kids see better.

Your child's vision is our focus.

All kids deserve the best start and support in life. Making sure they have the best vision and eye health is a big part of that. But good vision is about more than just seeing well. It’s also about a child’s ability to understand and respond to what they’re seeing.

That’s where we come in. We offer a patient-focused approach to vision and eye care for children, testing not only your child’s eyesight and eye health but assessing how your child processes visual information. We can diagnose visual problems, and then investigate why those problems are there and what’s causing them. From there we can create a treatment plan to address them.

A bright space for happy kids.

Our clinic is a bright, fun and accessible space designed especially for children. We want to engage your child in the process as much as possible for the best outcome and experience.

Come and check out our beautiful mural designed by artist Leah Bartholomew, and our therapy room, filled with all sorts of interesting and fun equipment. Be warned, your child may not want to leave their sessions!

We work together with familes + schools.

We want to help your child to have the best start to school they possibly can. We work together with families, schools and other health professionals to make sure your child is seeing clearly, sharing information and resources to better support your child in the classroom.

How we can help…

Eye Examinations

Visual Perceptual Assessments

School Readiness Assessments

Vision Therapy Program


Ortho K

Amblyopia &
Strabismus Treatment

Contact Lens

& Lenses

& Adjustments

Worried about your child’s vision?